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Siwen & Danny's Intimate Registration of Marriage in Thorndon: Capturing Love Amidst Wellington's Icons!

Siwen & Danny's Intimate Registration of Marriage in Thorndon

Join us in celebrating the heartfelt registration of marriage for Siwen & Danny, a journey that took us to the iconic landmarks of Thorndon, Old St Paul's, and the New Zealand Parliament Building with the Beehive.

A Day of Love and Legacies:

The couple exchanged vows in the historic charm of Thorndon, followed by a photo journey capturing their love story against the backdrop of two Wellington treasures.

Iconic Landmarks as Backdrops:

From the timeless beauty of Old St Paul's to the grandeur of the New Zealand Parliament Building and Beehive, each location added a touch of grandiosity to the couple's special day.

Weather Challenges, Love Triumphs:

Despite the less-than-ideal weather, Siwen & Danny's love prevailed. Raindrops became a poetic element, adding a unique charm to the photographs, symbolizing the resilience of their love.


Love Prevails:

As your dedicated Wellington photographer, I had the honor of capturing the tender moments, the laughter, and the undying love between Siwen & Danny. Each photograph tells a story of a day where love triumphed over all challenges.

Your Love Story Awaits:

Dreaming of your own intimate celebration? Let's create timeless memories against the backdrop of Wellington's iconic landmarks. Contact Kent Chua, your Wellington wedding photographer, to discuss how we can craft your unique love story.

Packages Starting at 1 Hour:

No wedding is too small, and no wedding is too big – we can accommodate all. Tailored packages to suit your unique needs are available.

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