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Dancing in the Rain: Rebecca and Bobby's Blissful Engagement at Breaker Bay, Wellington

🌧️✨ Love Sparkles Even in the Rain! ✨🌧️

Hey, lovely souls!

I'm beyond thrilled to share a sneak peek into Rebecca and Bobby's enchanting engagement session at Breaker Bay, Wellington. The weather may have been drizzly, but their love radiated warmth and joy that not even the rain could dampen. 💑🌈

1. Drizzle and Dazzle:

  • The soft raindrops added a touch of magic to the atmosphere. Rebecca and Bobby embraced the weather, and as the raindrops glistened, so did their smiles.


2. A Walk to Remember:

  • Hand in hand, they strolled along the rugged coastline, the sea breeze playing with Rebecca's hair. The muted tones of the sky and sea created a beautifully serene backdrop.


3. Joyful Laughter:

  • Laughter echoed against the sound of waves. Bobby twirled Rebecca, and their laughter resonated with the rhythm of the ocean. Happiness truly knows no weather.


4. Breaker Bay's Embrace:

  • Breaker Bay, with its wild beauty, embraced the couple as they shared an intimate moment. The misty air lent an ethereal quality to the scene.


5. Love in Every Drop:

  • Raindrops became witnesses to stolen kisses and whispered promises. Each drop seemed to capture a piece of their love story.


6. Happiness Illuminated:

  • As the session unfolded, the light of their happiness illuminated even the gloomiest of skies. Their smiles became the brightest stars in the overcast canvas.


Rebecca and Bobby, your love story is a testament to finding joy in every moment, rain or shine. Your engagement session was a true celebration of love, laughter, and the beauty of Wellington's unpredictable weather.

Stay tuned for more magic from their upcoming journey together! 💖📸


Kent Chua 🌟
Kent Chua Photography 📷

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