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Rachel & Amalia's Otari-Wilson's Bush Engagement Session: A Breath of Fresh Air! 

Join me in celebrating the love and joy of Rachel and Amalia, who turned a potential rainy day into a perfect engagement session at Otari-Wilson's Bush.

Embracing Nature's Beauty:

Despite the initial threat of rain, the weather turned out to be AMAZING, showcasing the true beauty of Wellington on a good day. Rachel and Amalia chose their favorite spot at Otari-Wilson's Bush for a casual and refreshing engagement session.

A Moment of Escape:

In a world of chaos, this session served as a wonderful escape. Rachel and Amalia took a break from the hustle and bustle, immersing themselves in the tranquility of Otari-Wilson's Bush, allowing them to forget about the world and simply have fun.

Save the Date:

Mark your calendars for January next year when we'll witness Rachel and Amalia's love story continue at the Botanic Garden. It promises to be an unforgettable wedding day filled with love, joy, and beautiful moments.

Congratulations on Your Engagement:

A heartfelt congratulations to Rachel and Amalia on their engagement! I can't wait to capture more beautiful moments and witness your love story unfold next January.

Your Love, Your Story:

If you're dreaming of capturing your love story in a unique and beautiful way, contact Kent Chua, your dedicated Wellington engagement and wedding photographer. Let's create timeless memories together!

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- 订婚 -

休闲有趣的 Otari Wilson 布什订婚会议

你能相信由于前一天的雨我们几乎不得不推迟吗?我很高兴我们没有!天气太棒了!在美好的一天,你真的无法击败惠灵顿,尤其是今天! Rachel 和 Amalia 决定在他们最喜欢的 Otari Wilson's Bush 的地方进行一次休闲会议。 

在混乱的时代,这次会议是如此令人耳目一新!远离尘世,在 Otari-Wilson's Bush 玩得开心真是太棒了。玩得开心,忘记这个世界真是太好了。

明年一月我们将在植物园见到它们。这将是一个难忘的婚礼日!祝贺 Rachel 和 Amalia 订婚!我等不及明年一月见到你了!

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